Sqribble – The eBook Builder You’ve (Secretly) Been Wishing For

Back in 1996, Bill Gates introduced the phrase “Content is King”. He wrote: “content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.” Over two decades later, this is still true. Today, the demand is for detailed, well-written, and delightfully packaged content. This is where the real competition is. And this is where eBooks come in.

Ebooks are the silver bullet in internet marketing. They establish your status as an expert, drive traffic, build an email list, and increase your sales. The beauty of ebooks is that they do all these things while adding real value to your clients. This makes them more loyal to you. These benefits are why every internet marketer is advised to create ebooks.

Unfortunately, creating a great ebook is no walk in the park. You need a great copywriter, an expert designer, and lots of hours invested. If you don’t have great writing and design skills, you have to outsource the process. This can cost you thousands of dollars.

Imagine you could create a great ebook in a manner of minutes? All without having to design or write anything. You simply click a button and whoooosh! A cool, attractive, world-class ebook – ready to hit the market. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Of course it would! In fact, it would be downright magical!

Well, that is exactly what Sqribble does. And so much more. And, trust me, Sqribble isn’t magic.

Sqribble is a software suite which is designed to simplify ebook creation. This suite gives you the tools to create ebooks, whitepapers, reports, manuals, product guides, and info products. These tools enable you to create all these things within a few minutes.

How is this possible? Well, Sqribble automates the ebook creation process. Anyone who has ever created (or attempted) to create an ebook knows that there are typically 3 steps involved: (1) writing content, (2) designing the ebook (3) formatting your content to fit within your design.

Scribble comes with expert features which simplify and automate these three steps. To build your ebook using Sqribble, you just need to do three things:

1. Pick A Template

Sqribble comes with over 50 eye-popping designs already created for you. These designs cut across 15 of the most profitable product niches on the internet. With each design, you get a stunning cover, a world-class table of contents, and pro-grade layouts. Basically, each template is a complete ebook – ready to be customized according to your needs.

2. Add Instant Content

This is Sqribble’s silver bullet. The software can fill your pages will instant content. All at the push of a button. The suite comes with over 1,000 expertly crafted niche articles ready for your use. And more content is being added. Basically, within a few seconds, you can have all the content you want.

Of course, you can also add your own content. But that is your choice. Sqribble offers both options. Your own content or auto-generated content.

3. Customize & Publish

This is the formatting part. You can edit, add, or remove any part of the ebook. The designs are customizable to the last detail. You can change headings, pictures, footers, headers, buttons, bulleted-lists and everything you need. Basically, you can make the ebook exactly the way you want it.

Once it is ready, you simply click a button and boom! Your ebook is published.

The best part about Sqribble is that it is extremely easy to use. Its interface and controls are intuitive. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out how it works. You can get comfortable with the tools in 10 minutes or less.

So, who built this amazing software suite?

Well, Sqribble is an innovation of the internet marketing guru Adeel Chowdhry. With over 10 years’ experience in internet marketing, Chowdhry has established himself as a #1 bestseller, coach, consultant and trainer in the internet marketing niche. Sqribble is his brainchild and is intended to simplify eBook creation for every internet marketer out there.

Therefore, if you have been wishing for a secret weapon to simplify ebook creation, Sqribble is your answer. Just mark the date 5th November 2018 on your calendar. That is when Sqribble hits the market. Prepare your $47 to acquire this amazing suite. That will be the launch price. After the launch, the price will rise to $197. Watch this space for more updates.

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